Committed to the Potential for Latinas

December 11, 2014 Press

A new project starts but with great aspirations, Latinas Take Charge organization aims to provide the tools necessary to route Latina women in the United States to the professionalism and success.
The project is based in Los Angeles (CA), but its creation was conceived several years ago in Philadelphia, the city where the founders and current partner, Terrence Gatsby and Natalia Gamarra met.
“We have long recognized that my children are Latino, and we want to build a road to open the road to opportunity,” Gatsby, president of Latinas Take Charge said.
They decided to focus their efforts on Latina women because they know the needs they face. According to the organization, Latinas are the largest minority group of women in the United States. But they are also the group with the lowest personal, political and economic power.
“My professional experience has allowed me to meet the challenges and barriers that Latino live day to day,” Gamarra, CEO of the organization said. “I have to force myself twice, and so I want to ensure that Latinas do not have those same challenges.”
Seminars, online classes, workshops one by one, group training programs are some of the consultants offering services in both English and Spanish.
“Right now the organization is our main focus, we are investing all our efforts and resources. We really believe in this project, “Gamarra said.
The first professional connection will be between LA and Philadelphia, but the main goal is to build an organization that offers first national and then international services.
For more information visit Latinas Take Charge , follow the project LatinasInCharge and Facebook / LatinasTakeCharge