Terrence J. Gatsby

Co-Founder & Executive Director

“Providing Latinas The Tools To Move Forward In Life, And The Guidance And Support To Reach Their Full Potential.”

Latinas Take Charge has been a long time coming. The idea for Latinas Take Charge actually came to Terrence several years ago. He wanted to create a path to success for Latino women filled with opportunities for a better tomorrow. In that very moment he had the vision for this work, and a clear understanding of how he was going to serve others.

Dr. Terrence J. Gatsby, PhD., is a professional coach, trusted advisor, successful author and engaging speaker. He graduated and earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), in Transpersonal Counseling. He also holds a Masters of Metaphysical Science, (M.Msc.), and he is a Certified Integrative Coach, Transformational Studies from John F. Kennedy University.

Dr. Gatsby encourages individuals to step into their best life as they recognize the unique strengths they have to offer. He draws out fresh ideas and actionable goals to focus on forward momentum. As a professional coach and motivational speaker, Dr. Gatsby serves his clients by drawing out their natural strengths and motivated direction. He guides his clients into clarity, confidence and courage through the professional coaching process and believes the world needs the gifts each person has to offer.

Dr. Gatsby is the founder of Latinas Take Charge LLC. He is a devoted women’s advocate. He currently resides in Santa Monica, California.